‘A passion is not something you find, it’s something you create by doing something you like and getting better at it.’ Passion is an emotion, a strong desire that makes you feel amazing when you’re doing it. It’s not enough to only know what you’re passionate about, you need to act upon it to really be able to experience it. ✅ It lowers your stress levels. Remember, not all stress is bad. Stress is a mechanism for us to get energy and be more focused, but chronic, long-lasting stress can have huge negative side effects. Doing something you’re passionate about can increase the hormones to fight cortisol which causes stress. You will be much better at handling tense situations and relaxing afterward. ✅ It gives you more self-confidence because it’s about growth and not the result. Knowing this means you can still act and do your passion even if it is not something you are already extremely good at. The whole point is that you can challenge yourself while doing it. ✅ And there is a positive attraction. I’m not talking about some connection outside our control. Being optimistic and positive attracts others that are optimistic and positive. The human brain wants to connect with like-minded others. Getting excited when talking about something you’re passionate about attracts others to listen to you. They either share what you’re talking about, or they share the feeling. Sometimes it’s not the story, but the way you tell it. Aside from these three points, there are a lot of other benefits of doing your passions. And I’m talking plural here because there you can have multiple small and big ones. But let’s keep that for another post.


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