I took the plunge!

????? ? ???? ??? ??????. Well, that sounded more dramatic than it actually was. ? I was standing in the Atlantic, on the beach, and the water was waist high. The Atlantic is generally a bit cold, but today it was really good. While walking slowly into the ocean and feeling the water level rise, the tension of going fully submerged also rises. It’s not a big thing, but sometimes, when you postpone it long enough, you create this huge thing. It becomes more and more difficult to actually do it. If you want to challenge yourself, this is the way to go ?. Just postpone it and it’ll get more difficult to do it! So I stood there and I actually thought to myself how interesting it is that I can make create such a big thing by just going about it very slowly and postponing the real step. I imagine it becomes almost impossible if I would keep going like this and thinking like this. My mind will make taking the step a bigger obstacle the longer I stay inactive. The funny thing is, last year I stood there on the same beach, thinking the same thing. But this time it was not about going under water literally, it was about taking the plunge and starting my own business. Submerging into the Atlantic was symbolic for me to making the decision to change my life. And just do it. Like the cold of the water, ‘just do it’ has an impact. Of course, making the step is just doing it, but you still feel it. There’s still a huge change. Like the hot temperature of the air into the cold temperature of the water, making a changing in your life can have a big impact too. It can disrupt and create chaos where there was structure. Like a multi sensory shock of suddenly submerging. Maybe you have been there too. If so, you know that, when you go under, maybe even scream (I do and it feels amazing), and emerge, the cold isn’t that bad anymore. You are able to swim, and enjoy the water. It gets easier, you adjust to the change. And so it is in life. Making the decision to change can be huge, but after the decision has been made and the first steps are taken, things will go easier. Even though the impact can be huge, you will deal with the change. Our mind is capable of handling that change. We are capable of handling the situation. Of course I had help. I had people that supported me and I even had professionals helping me out. Could I have done it by myself? Maybe, but this way it is much easier, faster, more fun and I can really focus on what is important to me. I can spend time on things that matter and create value. And I’m happy I took the leap! Being scared is an emotion that signals danger, or potential danger in this case. It’s not a risk to my life, I’m not in mortal danger, but nonetheless my mind perceives it as danger anyway. And the good thing is, I can deal with it. There are so many levels of danger and most are not the ones we need to avoid just because we’re scared. We can learn from them, grow and get richer in experience and wisdom. This makes us move, move on and move forward. And, you can always make new decisions, like getting out of the water. But in the end, it was not the water that was the problem… ?


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