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My coaching methods are focused on transformation and getting clear results. To feel happy and live a life of passion and purpose, you need to have balance in your personal life, professional life and your health. How are you doing in these three areas of your life? Do you want to see something changed? What is holding you back? What are you struggeling with? How would you feel if you would have changed what you want in all those areas of your life?

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About me

Hi, I'm Bob and this is my story

I'm an enthusiastic person but I had a huge struggle - that moment in life when I was really feeling stuck. I felt like I was going nowhere and life just moved on. It started in ups and downs but then it was mostly downs. I knew something needed to change, drastically, but I had no idea what to do.

I started losing my passions, my optimism and excitement. The days just flowed into the next. I felt unfulfilled. And this is not only professionally, but also in my personal life and relationship. I am a heart-driven person - ready to help others and create a better world. But when trying to feel fulfilled, I start working harder. Unfortunately this made me more and more disconnected from what I am truly passionate about.

And after burning out, the emptiness gave me the clarity I needed. A sunrise so simple, but so effective and energizing. So I changed. I changed my behavior, I changed my beliefs and I changed the way I do those things that energize me. This was not something that happend from one day to the other, but it took years of trying and analyzing how I do things and what is important to me. This gave me data and insights to work with and come up with a structure, a strategy, a framework that really connected with my personality.

So, I created my Life Prototyping Framework. It's an accumulation of over 20 years of experience in working with continuous development projects and teaching and coaching in education, combined with my life experience and life-approach.

This framework sets a
- connected, iterative workflow to define who you are and what is important to you,
- create the passions that support your personality and energy,
- and guides towards a purpose-driven life of joy and fulfillment.

It is a step-by-step, personal development program for the busy professional to thrive - while approaching life and happiness in a holistic manner.

Bob Joziasse
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Speaking about the Life Prototyping Framework

Take the step and start living the life you want to live

You've been though a lot, but you've decided to get back on your feet. Now is the time to keep this momentum going and know how to get your energy by doing things that you love, that is meaningful to you and follow your purposes in life to be happy.

What others say about me

WendyThe Netherlands

Hi Bob,

We first spoke via Facebook, where you wrote a fantastic story. I have felt a lot of energy and recognition for my burn-out from that.

I asked you via Messenger if I could save this text because it helped me. That's why we started talking. You could translate the words that I couldn't figure out or was stuck telling them so that we could continue my story.

Man!! How well you described my feeling!

Then the next zoom session was to get to know each other and discuss what I am stuck with and where I need help. It was exciting, but it quickly felt familiar and I told you the deepest struggles Iโ€™m dealing with.

We have done more zoom sessions, which has been super nice. I gained energy, self-confidence and new ways to keep going.

With you, I really have the feeling that I am not a number, but I can be myself. You listened to my problems and not with a standard talk as most do.

Together we came up with great solutions and tools that I still use today!

You helped me tremendously, inspired me and gave me the strength to persevere and after all you've done you continue to help me.

You are a really good man. With your help and inspiration I can get out of my burn-out.

Are you stuck then go to Bob he is really the best!


Life Prototyping Framework

It's about mindset and behaviour. A connected, iterative workflow to define who you are and what is important to you, create the passions that support your personality and energy, and works towards a purpose-driven life of joy and fulfillment.

12 Weeks

A guided coaching program for 12 weeks to get that balance in your life, including regular online meetings, feedback and custom exercises to get you where you want to be.

Certified and Experienced

With over more than 20 years of experience in coaching in education and continuous development projects, Certified Master Life Coach, Purpose Life Coach, Meditation-, Mindfulness-, Happiness- and Goal Setting Coach and tons of personal experience.

3 Cores Program

Mindset, Creative Energy and Sustainability are the three pillars of the program you will work on to get that balance in a purpose-driven life of joy and fulfillment.

Design Thinking Approach

Using Design Thinking we will find the right flow, forms and exercises to help you get to your goal

Your goal

At the end you will have the right tools to keep going, create passions and find purpose so that YOU can be happy

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